Milky Way Market | Will Ferrell Intros Hornets | Club Penguin Fashion Show | Draw Stuff Real Easy – Zui Buzz – 03.07.12

By Zui • Zui Buzz • 8 Mar 2012

Hey Zui Fans! On yesterday’s Zui Buzz episode, Lia and Ty took a look at the Milky Way Market game.  Serve your customers as fast as possible to get the best score!  Next up, you have to see this great video of Will Ferrell introducing the players of the New Orleans Hornets vs. Chicago Bulls game a couple of weeks ago.  His intros are hilarious!  All of you Club Penguin fans will want to check out this video from the recent Club Penguin Fashion Show.  And finally, make sure you check out Shoo’s latest Draw Stuff Real Easy lesson!

YouTube Preview Image

Milky Way Market  |  Will Ferrell Intros Hornets
Club Penguin Fashion Show  |  Draw Stuff Real Easy

See you all tomorrow for another Zui Buzz recap!

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